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Bamboo Breast Pads - 3 Pairs - Waterproof and Reusable

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Sensitive nipples and leaking between feeds can be a common problem when Breast Feeding. Using Bamboo Breast Pads can help overcome this as they are highly absorbent providing superior protection and have a non-irritating super soft feel against the skin.

The soft Bamboo Velour Fabric draws the moisture away from the nipple and into the layers of Bamboo Fleece Fabric keeping the nipple area dry. This will help towards stopping cracking of the nipples and other infections. The outer layer is a waterproof Polyurethane Laminate PUL Fabric. This PUL layer will stop leakage onto your clothing.

This Product is environmentally friendly 

Product Description

  • 3 Layers of Absorbency including
  • Inside layer organic microfibre absorbent fleece 
  • Outside Layer is a PUL Waterproof Fabric to ensure no leakage
  • Against the skin is a super soft organic Bamboo Velour fabric 
  • size 12 cm wide
  • Perfect Size for inserting into bra

    Warm wash up to 60°C in a Laundry Bag and line dry

  •  Do not use  Fabric Softeners

  • Do not bleach 

  • Preferable line dry but able to moderate tumble dry

  • Do not iron  

  • Please note that whilst PUL can be laundered on a 90°C wash and tumble dried, we do not recommend that you do so as it may not immediately affect the fabric, but will deteriorate its integrity and shorten its lifespan.