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Eucalypt Pink Blossom and Gum Leaves Prelaminated Minky Waterproof Snuggle Blankets

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Prelaminated Minky Snuggle Blanket is a super luxe, buttery soft short pile minky fabric backed with a waterproof laminate coating.

*Backed in my very popular Minky fleece fabric 

* Ideal for Bassinet Capsule and Pram Rug to protect from any soiling  . Use as a waterproof outdoor floor blanket or as a weather protective blanket in the pram.

Size : 70cm x 50cm

You won’t believe how soft and snuggly this Blanket is ❤️

COMPOSITION: 95% Knit Polyester 5% Spandex laminated with a waterproof breathable backing

Recommended Washing:

-Warm wash up to 60°C

-Preferred line dry out of direct sunlight 

-Do not bleach

-Do not iron 

Please note: that whilst PUL can be laundered on a 90°C wash and tumble dried, we do not recommend that you do so as it may not immediately affect the fabric, but will deteriorate its integrity and shorten its lifespan.