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Black Cockatoo and Banksia - 350gm Wadding Play Time Mat

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NEW Super thick 350mg Wadding

Baby Play Mats will provide your little one with both comfort and support while he or she  develops perceptual and sensory skills and enjoys some Tummy time 

They can be taken out and about and can comfortably lay on any surface as the play mat ensures the little one is soothed and entertained.

These play mats make for a ideal gift too x

Size; 1 Full metre in diameter and made from quality drill fabrics and thickest of wadding available

Please Note : I can make you one in any fabric print of your choice. If you see a print you like somewhere then contact me and we make one up for you.

What you may like to know about this beautiful print ❤️
Story: "This painting tells the story of the Jarlji Jukurrpa (frog Dreaming) from Jarljikirlangu, a place to the west of Mt. Denison. Jarljikirlangu means 'belonging to frog'. This place belongs to Japaljarri/Jungarrayi men and Napaljarri/Nungarrayi women. Jarljikurlangu is a large creek that is dry for most of the year. When it rains it becomes like a swamp, a big water course. The 'jarlji' (frog) burrow underground and hibernate during the dry season until the rainy season comes, so the 'jarlji' come out of the ground and sit down there. After the rain the 'jarlji' frogs croak at night. Women dig for them to cook and then eat them. Frogs can be a very important food source in dry years as they can be found lying together in the soft, moist soil found along many dry watercourses in central Australia."