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Infertility Affirmation Cards made for Mamma’s

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What is a Affirmation?

Affirmation is a set of positive words that we say out loud to ourselves or repeat in our minds. If you live a grateful life you will already be doing this during your day without being aware.

 By repeating these Affirmation throughout your fertility treatment you will allow your emotions to flourish and happy thoughts to enter your mind resulting in a journey worth remembering.

Using the Affirmation’s 


 Say the words and feel the emotion. All the words in the Affirmation are true so allow them to really be felt in your heart


 Just as your  fertility treatment requires patience so does Affirmation reading. Some of these cards may feel untrue but be reassured that the more you practice the more they will feel true.


 You can use the cards in any way that you feel best for . Here is a list ways that you may find suit you.

* Wake up each morning and share your Affirmation off the day with your loved ones.

*Shuffle the cards and take a lucky pick

 *Place the card on display in your favourite spot

 * Take the card in your bag and reread throughout the day

 * Take a photo of the card and use it as your phone wallpaper 

Designed and Made by Loren ❤️
As a woman who has also endured the high s and lows of infertility , it is very meaningful to me too Share some happy thoughts with you when you most need them. I have felt very alone at times during my journey to motherhood so let these cards remind you that at the time you feel alone you are only one card away from a happy thought