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Pram Liners - Custom Made Liner Pictures

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These are Images of Pram Liners that i have custom made for customers.

Due to the large variety of Prams that are out there on the market these days it would be impossible for me to have all of these made up into Liners in which i have decided to custom make Liners to specifically suit your pram.

Liners are made with 100% quality Quilting Print Fabrics on front side matching Plain Fabric on the back plus a layer of thick 100% Cotton wadding insert. The wadding that is used will allow your baby/toddlers body temperature to stabilise in extreme hot and cold days in which normal polyester fibres that are used will not. This is a much healthier option for your precious ones.

I also make the Shoulder Strap Covers and Bar Covers which are optional

To select a fabric that you may like simply browse the website at products that i have already made items from or you can shop at a local store like spotlight and search for 100% Cottons or Drill Fabrics and send me a pic of your choice and i will purchase it to make your liner

Prices :

* $60 for a Liner ( depending on Pram type )

* Shoulder Strap Covers $15 a set

* Bar Cover $20

Note These are just examples of what i have made recently

If you would like a Pram Liner made or would like more information then please contact me in the Contact us section of my home page 

Thankyou Sandy